Monday, September 26, 2011

Captain America Concept

This is a realistic, modern-day approach to Captain America. I wanted to design a suit that would work in a grounded, contemporary live-action movie. So I went with military-based armor...and I dropped him in the middle of a hot, war-torn desert. Hope you guys like it!

What up peeps!

Welcome to my new blog. Yeah, I're probably thinking, 'it's about time!'...or....'who the hell are you'...or...'mustard'. All I have to say to the above is: A) Better late than never B) The one who will blow your mind and melt your face...and C) On cereal. Are you insane?

Anyway, I'm posting up some work I previously posted on deviantART and CG Society and whatnot. It's mostly concept art for now, but I should be posting more stuff up in the coming weeks and adding updates periodically. Hope ya dig...